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sometimes I get easily confused …

and I read too much into what people say or do.

I usually end up twisting myself into little knots worrying about what I’ve said, or what I’ve done, or what I haven’t said or what I haven’t done.  There are people in my life that I care too much about; and I care too much about what they think.

I don’t ever really want to get too personal here – but that’s it.  I care too freakin’ much.

I need to get well – I really do.  I’m so bored of being sick.
My first attempt at an ‘Art Journal’ – see my page here on Teesha Moore for one of my influences!

One Thing At a Time

Brian sent me links to the Dresden Dolls show at the Inaugeration – unfortunately they’ve all been removed by the looks of things, ooooh no they haven’t, they’re there again – HOORAH! {

Cover of War Pigs – FUCKING LOVE IT:

Good Day – OH YES 🙂

Cover of Blueprint – by Fugazi – such an awesome track – LOVE THIS:

Ahhhh … makes me smile 🙂

Only a couple of weeks to go until Amanda Palmer plays at the Electric Ballroom – wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … and then a few more months until World/Inferno hopefully come back to the UK … fingers crossed.

I need to find another couple of bands to salivate over! ha ha.


Print sale to raise funds for WM3

I’ve been a long-time supporter of the WM3 (West Memphis Three) and I’ve been wanting to raise money for them somehow in order to help with their re-trials, and general financial support for their families.

So I came up with the idea that I could raise funds by selling my photos.

I approached Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls with regard to selling my images of them to raise funds.  They’ve both said yes – to photos of the band, Brian’s band World/Inferno Friendship Society and also Amanda’s solo shots.  I’m still waiting to hear back from Margaret Cho about photos I have of her from when she compared their show at The Roundhouse.

I’d like to use one solo Amanda, one Dresden Dolls, and Brian said I can use as many as I want of him – so I have photos of him from The Roundhouse, with Jesse Malin and with World/Inferno.

I’m not sure if anyone’s going to buy these – but I’m hoping people will – as it’s for a good cause (in my humble opinion).

So – I’m handing things over to you guys – which photos would you pick?

Here are the albums:

World/Inferno Friendship Society Photo Shoot in Brighton and shenanigans

Amanda Palmer – Koko – 10/10/08

Amanda Palmer – ICA – 21/8/08

World/Inferno Friendship Society – Brighton – 21/7/08

World/Inferno Friendship Society – London – 25/7/08

Brian Viglione drumming with Jesse Malin

Amanda Palmer – Bush Hall – July 07

The Dresden Dolls – Roundhouse – 4/11/06

The Dresden Dolls – Roundhouse – 3/11/06

(I’m also waiting for permission to use photos of Margaret Cho from The Roundhouse)

Hopefully there might be one or two shots there that people might be interested in?


zen and the art of breaking everything in this room …

… is kind of how i feel in a strange way.  i’m sitting in my classroom, ruminating about how i’m actually going to tidy all this shit up.  and it acts as a metaphor for my life.  how am i actually going to tidy all my shit up?  part of me just wants to break it all apart and start again from scratch but i’m such a horder that i hold onto things that offer me nothing in return.

however … another quote from the viggie:

” It’s good to vent, but not healthy to dwell in self-absorbedness and schloffing.”

which is what i has been doin’ (yes, i meant to screw up my grammar there!).

quote from my dad:

“pull yourself together”

quote from my mum:

“well i suffered from depression and i didn’t have to take pills for it”

quote from my sister:

“what’s wrong with you now?”

hmmm, don’t even start me on what others have said.

Looking forward to two deliveries of World/Inferno goodliness – firstly – this t-shirt:

I'm not suggesting that I'm an anarchist or pretty!


which i LOVE.  i wanted to get some of their shirts when i saw them in brighton and london, in fact, lucky even said they’d sort me out with some merchandise (as i’d done a photo shoot etc.) … however, i’m not one to hassle for stuff and also, they don’t have a lot of $ so i wanted to get my own.  i didn’t have much money when i saw them live, so i’ve had to wait to buy my tee.  can’t wait until it arrives 🙂 



secondly … posters advertising their new tour … cos … they’re using a photo of mine 🙂  i was never very happy with the photoshoot as it was a bit last minute and i’d walked them miles and sandra’s heel broke.  it was all a bit fraught, also the whole band wasn’t there.  however, a photo is being used, and that makes me smile 🙂

Good things that happened yesterday:

– slept well

– ate cherry pie and vege roast dinner

small things make me happy!

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