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Now on Cafe Press

At last! CafePress is ‘in the UK’ – well – it has a British side to it.ย  So I’ve set up a shop to sell my designs on t-shirts and cards.ย  It’s all Melanie’s fault ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Hopefully someone will see them and like them – I need to upload a few more Ooookies to it but I’ll get round to that later.ย  I’ve been on the laptop so long it’s getting quite annoying!

You can find my shop here:


magic, illusion and mind-fuckery


When I was younger had a fascination with the world of Illusion and Magic. I was often glued to the television whenever David Copperfield performed his annual extravaganzas – and would have enjoyed Paul Daniels more if he wasn’t such a squashed head creep! However, as I grew older and more sceptical I lost my love of this world.

A few years ago, we went to Cyprus on holiday and I had many books to read. Unfortunately on the penultimate day I ran out of reading material so we popped to a shop near our hotel. There I picked up a book I’d never seen or heard of before – Carter Beats The Devil. In fact I’d never heard of the illusionist, Carter before. If you haven’t read the book – DO. It’s a fantastic romp, some factual, most fiction.

Book Cover for Carter Beats The Devil

Book Cover for Carter Beats The Devil

Anyway – my interest was further piqued when The Prestige came out. I loved this film – even after I knew the twist I loved it even more! There was something about that form of entertainment, in a time when people were desperate to understand and know about spiritualism and the supernatural, that just interests me so much. Not just that, the performers themselves were so interesting.

I’ve managed to get some jpegs of posters and photos of magicians and their shows – I’d love to have some originals though. I know a shop in Cecil Court, where I’ve bought some vintage photographs and postcards, that sells original posters. However at the moment they are VERY much out of my price range – one day ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday they showed Derren Brown’s Evening of Wonders on Channel 4. Every time I watch that guy I’m searching for clues – however I can never spot them. I can never tell what he’s doing. We went to see him a couple of years ago and afterwards we didn’t shut up for hours trying to work it all out. I personally think the guy is an evil genius ๐Ÿ™‚

I really want to see him live again – M always says that he’d HATE to be invited onto stage but I think it would be great to be invited up there and and to see whether he could read me or not.

On another note – new characters created on Illustrator CS3 by me and turned into cards:

holding on to your love
Holding on to your love

baby bird
My new logo based on some sketches I did. I’m really impressed with how close this came out to my original drawing – I didn’t scan it in and just experimented on Illustrator ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yesterday was the first time I even tried my hand at Illustrator!

the long legged flying monster
The long legged flying monster – designed by me ๐Ÿ™‚

Just to note – all backgrounds were from and are free for use commercially.


New Valentines ACEOs and attempts at collage!

I have some sort of infection – not sure if it’s in my chest – feels more bronchial than chest. ย Not happy, not happy at all. ย More time off work, more pressure, more stress.

I’ve been busy updating the free resources section of this site – which seems fairly popular with follks. Let me know what you’d like to see or if there’s anything I can do to improve the pages.

Sales are steady – I’m not covering my expenses yet but there’s time I guess. I just need to promote myself more – so I now have a Flickr for my Etsy:

I’ll keep that separate from my photography Flickr which is here:

Here are my new Valentines Day Cards (click on image below to take you to my shop on etsy):

the queen of hearts

Then I attempted some collages – I’m kind of pleased but I think I should perhaps leave the text white so you can actually see the words. They’re a bit covered up!:

We're just dolls

"my name is Kaledrina"

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