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sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of young people

Earlier this week I did a couple of coursework clinics at school – just to get some extra money should I fail to find employment in March!  On the second day the kids just seemed to get on with their work and hardly asked for any help or advice.  So I got on with marking while they got on with their work … and unfortunately I overheard the following conversation (obviously not the exact words – but pretty close):

Boy: I can’t believe what Chris Brown did to Rihanna

Girl 1: She deserves it – I hate her

Girl 2: what do you mean she deserved it?

Girl 1: well she shouldn’t have cheated on him

Girl 2: is that what happened?

Girl 1: yeah

ME: so are you saying that a woman deserves to be assaulted if she cheats on someone?

Girl 1: yeah

ME: thanks for pushing female rights back about 100 years

Girl 1: well she’s not a real woman anyway

ME: (still incredulous at this point) what do you mean?

Girl 1: well she’s not really a woman – she’s famous


Girl 1: famous people aren’t real

ME: WHAT???????????????????????????????????????????

and after that I just actually didn’t want to talk to her because I couldn’t get any sense out of her.

It’s worrying that young people are feeling that way about famous people – are there others who really believe that celebrities aren’t real?????  This girl isn’t low ability or anything like that – she’s actually fairly intelligent.  I was REALLY disturbed by the whole thing.


sleep …

sleep escapes me

sleep escapes me

escapes me on occasions, and others it wraps me up in its caring arms and keeps me there until it’s no longer allowed to hold onto me.

last night i got in from work and slept, and slept and slept.  being back at work after 6 weeks off is always a shock to the body.  i feel exhausted.  the first day was wonderful, i was in a mind-set, ‘only teaching for three days’ – made my head and body much happier.  then the pressure and ultimate crappiness started piling on.  being given two subjects, that i’ve never taught before means more work.  sharing a classroom means i have to use the office instead of my room to prepare.  having a co-tutor who interrupts me, contradicts me and insists on silence from the group when i don’t is stressing me.

but i’m going to try and be zen like.

it’s not easy for me to be zen like though!!!!

Start of today’s list of good things that have happened today:

– I was asked if they could use my photo of a snow leopard on Now Public here .  I like these kind of sites.  I think I might spend more time on there 🙂

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