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so today …

… so far, has been good.  i’m realising why i do this job: because i love teaching.  i have one bottom set, they’re extremely weak, and everything is done in baby steps.  their final task today was to start producing a poster with an example of a persuasive technique on it.  one student asked me to write ‘in bubble writing’ on her poster (she has trouble writing).  then it was pronounced by the class as ‘sick’ and ‘better than graf’.  so i spent the next few minutes writing on everyone elses’ posters.  i don’t mind, it’s the writing of the example that i want them to concentrate on, however, my ‘bubble writing’ is not ‘better than graf’ … it’s just that they’re impressed by almost anything! bless their little cotton socks (most of them anyway!).

tonight i’m going out with a couple of friends for a drink.  we’ve not been out for ages, and i’ve only seen her once since her twins (thing 1 and thing 2) were born.  i’m really looking forward to it.  i’ve needed a real girlie night for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time.  i mean, i love you boys an’ all, but sometimes a girl needs her girlfriends, and lately, i don’t seem to have been able to see any of my girlfriends.  m thinks that the fact that the majority of my male friends being gay means that it’s just the same as hanging out with the gals.  believe me, it’s not.

one of my friends (you know who you are!) complained about my lack of capitalisation in this blog.  YES i KNOW i’m a bloody english teacher, but is everyone ‘their job’ every minute of every day? NO.  so fuck it, i’m going to write with capitalisation when i bloody feel like it.  and today, i don’t bloody feel like it, and yesterday i didn’t bloody feel like it.  however, tomorrow, i might feel like it.

anyhoo … should go … i have a meeting with the ‘head’ in a minute about my ‘other day’ when i’m not teaching.


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