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Swine Flu

So yes, I’ve been struck down with the dreaded swine flu recently which has resulted in cancelling many plans and feeling dreadful.  It’s starting to leave me now, however I’m being sensible and have cancelled an all day shoot on Sunday.  I was SO looking forward to it, however I would have been working non-stop from 8am – 6pm with no break, and as I have bronchitis as well I just can’t risk it.  It makes a change for me to be sensible it has to be said, usually I’m a complete numpty.

This weekend I FINALLY start my volunteering at the Horniman’s Museum in Forest Hill.  I’m really eager to work within education in an arts / heritage role, and working at Horniman’s will hopefully help me to achieve that.

I’ve been going there ever since I moved to South-East London, 15 years ago.  It’s always been a favourite place to just linger and take in the wonderful exhibits, ravaged by time.  Photographing creatures floating in formaldehyde is probably my favourite  pass time  there – not sure I’ll get much chance to do that while I’m working though! ha ha.

[d i s s e c t i o n] (by The Polstar*)

Click on the dissected cat – you can see some photos from Horniman’s there 🙂

So while I’ve been sick I’ve been knitting and creating patchwork. I started making this one night when I had insomnia and couldn’t face actually working on the computer. I had a bag of bits of fabric from various things I’ve been making so I decided to do a bit of crazy patchwork. I had no idea where I was going with it until my dear friend in the US broke her foot. I’m putting together a ‘care’ parcel for her and this is going to be part of that. A groovy bag. There’s a LOT more work to be done it – not least the embroidery and adding lace/ buttons etc. however it’s something I can do while watching TV so I find it fairly relaxing. Today I put it on some interfacing so I know what bits need filling in. So now it gets REALLY fiddly.
Crazy patchwork in progress #1 (by The Polstar*) Crazy patchwork in progress #2 (by The Polstar*) Crazy patchwork in progress #3 (by The Polstar*)

I just really hope she likes it.

As I’ve not been on the computer much I haven’t been making any brushes – however will blog when I do!


WM3 sale, banners, new pages and where’s my frickin’ sewing machine?

Well – on Polstar Photography I’m finally getting round to my Fundraising for the WM3 (West Memphis Three) – so far I’ve sold a few raising a grand total of $20 – however – I know everyone’s skint after Christmas so it’s going to be an ongoing thing.

I must email Emily White at Margaret Cho’s agency back – she contacted me to see if she could help. I thought it was Keri who dealt with Ms Cho but no. So I’m going to email her later. I have a couple of images I’d like to use, however one of them could NOT be used on Etsy (one of Ms Cho with a prosthetic penis on).

I’ve started making banner sets using all the free, and in the public domain, brushes and fonts I’ve found. Here’s a couple of my favourite examples:

In the Octopus's Garden - Banner and Avatar set

This one isn’t on Etsy yet – but thought I’d see what you think 😉

In The Baby Lizard's Garden Banner and avatar set

Click on image to take you to Etsy.

Let me know what you think!

I’ve added a few more pages to this blog offering links to Public Domain resources.  I realised this morning that many of the fonts I have are not free for commercial use so I’ve spent a lot of time searching for things that are – I’ll put any resources onto these pages that I find.  Hopefully you’ll all find it a great resource 🙂

Finally – where’s my sodding sewing machine?  Actually I do know … according to Parcelforce it’s being sorted in the ‘National Hub’ – M had a lot of trouble before Christmas getting my present through Parcelforce so I hope they don’t screw me around.  Another day staying in tomorrow then I guess!

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