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Living Second-Hand

I’m beginning to realise how much I really truly love second hand things.  There is nothing better than someone saying ”ooooooh I love that, where did you get it from?” and I declare that it was hunted out on a second-hand binge.

So … I’ve decided that as a trial, until December 31st, apart from the obvious (food, toiletries, underwear) everything I’m going to buy is going to be second hand.  This will include Christmas presents.  I know other people have done this, and I’m not doing it for some ‘I’m going to blog this to death’  – it’s simply for me really.  So, I’m afraid that for the people whose birthdays are coming up, your presents are either going to be homemade or recycled!

Recently I’ve had some AWESOME second hand purchases – all of which I’ll photograph at some point – but fashionistas are going to LOVE my Prada shoes bought for an awesome £10!!!!!!!!!!

SO starting today – I’m going to be living second-hand. Wish me luck.


Things you should do/ see/ read/ watch/ visit … before you fall off this mortal coil

In yesterday’s Guardian they had a supplement entitled 1000 novels Everyone Must Read – Volume 5 – State of the Nation.  I didn’t know that they’d been doing this  – I usually buy The Independent.  It got me thinking about all these compilation books that have been coming out, TELLING us what we should do before we die.  It actually drives me a bit mad.

WHY do these people think that they can tell me what I SHOULD do before I die?  If I took all this time out, to visit the cities, natural wonders, listen to the albums, see this art work, read these books, watch these movies – all before I die – when am I going to get time to actually LIVE?

However, it didn’t stop me going through this list in the Guardian – out of the 200 (approx?) books listed I’d read 13.  I didn’t think that was too bad.  Especially as I hadn’t heard of a lot of them.  I do actually have about another 10 of them on my shelves, but they’ll probably end up in the bag to the charity shop when I swap my book shelves for crafting shelves!

Yes, I’m getting rid of books.

It’s a hard decision, afterall, there are still approximately 13 boxes of books still in the loft that haven’t seen the light of day since we moved in 6 years ago.  I just don’t have the room for them.  I LOVE books quite obsessively, I could spend HOURS in bookshops – especially second-hand ones (although the smell can bring on my asthma!!!).  Unfortunately space demands that I give up most of my collection.  I can always get them again when I move into that mansion with a library in the future!

Talking about books – I’m going to carry on reading Carter Beats The Devil – I’m loving it even more the second time around.

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