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My friend bought a Lomo Fish-eye camera a while back from The Photographers Gallery.  After one film was printed she said she wanted to get rid of it – so I jumped at the chance.  Yesterday, in exchange for one crisp £10 note I purchased her camera and 3 films.  So I am now a proud owner of a Lomo Fisheye camera – I’ve already run off 3 films with it.

VERY bad photo taken with my BlackBerry (crap camera on that phone)

VERY bad photo taken with my BlackBerry (crap camera on that phone)

One on the way home from my friend’s, one at Lewisham Peoples’ Day (I was commissioned to photograph the Rocklands stage – which I did with my digital camera – however I did grab a few lomo shots backstage and on stage) and the other in and around our house!  A few of the cats, our toys and figures (Marvin the Martian, Scooby, Brain, Jack Skeleton etc.).

So now I need to get another 2 films finished up and I’m going to send them to Truprint.  Why am I sending it to SUCH a bad printers? Because they won’t play around with them – I’m doing this cheap, cheap, cheap – because that’s the lomo ethos.  However as I am unwaged I’m only going to get them done on disc – 2-5 films for £2.99 – BILLY BARGAIN 🙂 – I have been looking at other processors who are sympathetic to Lomo – however I just can’t afford it at the moment 😦  Godamnit I need a job.

While I’m finishing those off and waiting for my films to return I will spend my time drooling over other peoples’ Lomo Fisheye shots (I can’t post ALL my faves as some I can’t link to – but there are some amazing ones out there – I’ll link at the bottom to some of my favourite albums):




Fisheye fair ride

Those are probably going to look REALLY messy on the page!  Just a selection of what can be done with this extraordinary camera.  I’m looking forward to/ dreading my results.  Hopefully there will be some doozies in there – fingers crossed.

As promised here are some links:

Lomo Fisheye group on Flickr

Lomo UK group on Flickr

Spectrum Imaging – a lab that specialises in Lomography.  I might go to them when I’m working again!

Lomography Fisheye – the official site


creativity abounds

A contrast to the last post.  Once my computer was fixed and my scanner up and running again I’ve gone into overload.  Some collages I’ve created I love:

Some I’m not entirely sure about:

However I know that the most important thing is that I’m staying creative.  I think I’m finding my ‘style’ and I just need to STOP RUSHING and concentrate on making it the best it could be.  Unfortunately I don’t take much care in the things I do and rush things.  I should be more attentive.

As you can see from the collage below – I was feeling very ‘springly’ this morning. It didn’t last long as the clouds formed overhead – however while the paint and ink were drying on other works I did this one. I need more colours for my pens – however I liked it I think. It’s just a journal page but I think it’s cute.

Other than that, now that Spring has sprung, photoshoots are coming in.  I have a whole day booked with the beautiful Tree.  Here are some samples of our last shoot together:

We had SO much fun.  This time we’re going to be photographing fire swords and god knows what else in her studio and then at her friend’s house who has a swimming pool.

Then I’m also arranging a shoot with this sublime beauty:

You can’t really see her on here but this is Samantha Hasthorpe – an amazing dancer with Bellydance Superstars.

So I’ve got some fun coming up.

Right … back to more collage making. I’m going to be putting ‘blog’ exclusive digital collage sheets on here soon so keep an eye out!


Print sale to raise funds for WM3

I’ve been a long-time supporter of the WM3 (West Memphis Three) and I’ve been wanting to raise money for them somehow in order to help with their re-trials, and general financial support for their families.

So I came up with the idea that I could raise funds by selling my photos.

I approached Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls with regard to selling my images of them to raise funds.  They’ve both said yes – to photos of the band, Brian’s band World/Inferno Friendship Society and also Amanda’s solo shots.  I’m still waiting to hear back from Margaret Cho about photos I have of her from when she compared their show at The Roundhouse.

I’d like to use one solo Amanda, one Dresden Dolls, and Brian said I can use as many as I want of him – so I have photos of him from The Roundhouse, with Jesse Malin and with World/Inferno.

I’m not sure if anyone’s going to buy these – but I’m hoping people will – as it’s for a good cause (in my humble opinion).

So – I’m handing things over to you guys – which photos would you pick?

Here are the albums:

World/Inferno Friendship Society Photo Shoot in Brighton and shenanigans

Amanda Palmer – Koko – 10/10/08

Amanda Palmer – ICA – 21/8/08

World/Inferno Friendship Society – Brighton – 21/7/08

World/Inferno Friendship Society – London – 25/7/08

Brian Viglione drumming with Jesse Malin

Amanda Palmer – Bush Hall – July 07

The Dresden Dolls – Roundhouse – 4/11/06

The Dresden Dolls – Roundhouse – 3/11/06

(I’m also waiting for permission to use photos of Margaret Cho from The Roundhouse)

Hopefully there might be one or two shots there that people might be interested in?

Flickr Photos


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