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My friend bought a Lomo Fish-eye camera a while back from The Photographers Gallery.  After one film was printed she said she wanted to get rid of it – so I jumped at the chance.  Yesterday, in exchange for one crisp £10 note I purchased her camera and 3 films.  So I am now a proud owner of a Lomo Fisheye camera – I’ve already run off 3 films with it.

VERY bad photo taken with my BlackBerry (crap camera on that phone)

VERY bad photo taken with my BlackBerry (crap camera on that phone)

One on the way home from my friend’s, one at Lewisham Peoples’ Day (I was commissioned to photograph the Rocklands stage – which I did with my digital camera – however I did grab a few lomo shots backstage and on stage) and the other in and around our house!  A few of the cats, our toys and figures (Marvin the Martian, Scooby, Brain, Jack Skeleton etc.).

So now I need to get another 2 films finished up and I’m going to send them to Truprint.  Why am I sending it to SUCH a bad printers? Because they won’t play around with them – I’m doing this cheap, cheap, cheap – because that’s the lomo ethos.  However as I am unwaged I’m only going to get them done on disc – 2-5 films for £2.99 – BILLY BARGAIN 🙂 – I have been looking at other processors who are sympathetic to Lomo – however I just can’t afford it at the moment 😦  Godamnit I need a job.

While I’m finishing those off and waiting for my films to return I will spend my time drooling over other peoples’ Lomo Fisheye shots (I can’t post ALL my faves as some I can’t link to – but there are some amazing ones out there – I’ll link at the bottom to some of my favourite albums):




Fisheye fair ride

Those are probably going to look REALLY messy on the page!  Just a selection of what can be done with this extraordinary camera.  I’m looking forward to/ dreading my results.  Hopefully there will be some doozies in there – fingers crossed.

As promised here are some links:

Lomo Fisheye group on Flickr

Lomo UK group on Flickr

Spectrum Imaging – a lab that specialises in Lomography.  I might go to them when I’m working again!

Lomography Fisheye – the official site


Pub toilets…

are a constant source of amusement to me.  I think it’s sad when they’re lacking in graffiti and are completely sanitised.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them to be clean (e.g. sans dirtyness) but I do like a bit of  ‘on toilet reading’ to do while I’m in there – especially as I have a real problem with weeing in public places.

Occasionally, usually when I’m drunk, I get my mobile out and take photos of the walls in pub toilets – especially if something catches my eye.

I’ve also been guilty of adding to the scribbles (in places where scribbles are already apparent – but I guess you got that as I said I ‘added’ to the scribbles) and photographing my results … guess which ones are mine!



Margaret Cho – SHE SAY ‘YES’

WHOOP – I’ll be selling my photos of Margaret Cho to raise funds for the West Memphis Three starting later today.  I’m SO happy.


zen and the art of breaking everything in this room …

… is kind of how i feel in a strange way.  i’m sitting in my classroom, ruminating about how i’m actually going to tidy all this shit up.  and it acts as a metaphor for my life.  how am i actually going to tidy all my shit up?  part of me just wants to break it all apart and start again from scratch but i’m such a horder that i hold onto things that offer me nothing in return.

however … another quote from the viggie:

” It’s good to vent, but not healthy to dwell in self-absorbedness and schloffing.”

which is what i has been doin’ (yes, i meant to screw up my grammar there!).

quote from my dad:

“pull yourself together”

quote from my mum:

“well i suffered from depression and i didn’t have to take pills for it”

quote from my sister:

“what’s wrong with you now?”

hmmm, don’t even start me on what others have said.

Looking forward to two deliveries of World/Inferno goodliness – firstly – this t-shirt:

I'm not suggesting that I'm an anarchist or pretty!


which i LOVE.  i wanted to get some of their shirts when i saw them in brighton and london, in fact, lucky even said they’d sort me out with some merchandise (as i’d done a photo shoot etc.) … however, i’m not one to hassle for stuff and also, they don’t have a lot of $ so i wanted to get my own.  i didn’t have much money when i saw them live, so i’ve had to wait to buy my tee.  can’t wait until it arrives 🙂 



secondly … posters advertising their new tour … cos … they’re using a photo of mine 🙂  i was never very happy with the photoshoot as it was a bit last minute and i’d walked them miles and sandra’s heel broke.  it was all a bit fraught, also the whole band wasn’t there.  however, a photo is being used, and that makes me smile 🙂

Good things that happened yesterday:

– slept well

– ate cherry pie and vege roast dinner

small things make me happy!

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