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gordon f**king ramsey, da yoot of today and crappy day time tv

Well so far I haven’t exactly used my ‘days off’ to their full advantage – I was sick last week, and I’m sick this week.  In fact, unfortunately, I’m going to have to take ANOTHER day off because I’m still feeling REALLY rough.  A trip to the doctors is required today I think.  I feel sick, keep going hot and cold (and waking up bathed in sweat but shaking with cold), my throat hurts and I just want to sleep ALL the time (apart from now, when I woke up because I was wheezing).  BLAH.


            So, now, I have time to sit and blather J


Last night we were watching Hell’s Kitchen USA.  For some bizarre reason, the majority of programmes we watched last night were about food (Best British Dish, Masterchef Professionals 2008, Hell’s Kitchen USA and The Restaurant).  I don’t really like Gordon Ramsey, in fact, I think the guy is an obnoxious, arrogant prick who doesn’t deserve a career simply based on the fact that he can swear in peoples’ faces.


Ok, consider this.  Over the past few years, the media has continually criticised young people for their aggressive attitudes etc.  At the same time, they continue to give Gordon Ramsey television programmes, interviews and book deals.  Basically saying that it’s ok to swear (and I’m not talking the odd expletive, I’m talking about about the time), it’s ok to get into someone’s face and call them a “f**king idiot”, it’s ok to abuse and embarrass someone. What sort of message is this sending?  That all of this is fine.  That it’s fine to be abusive and rude.  That it’s fine to put someone down.  That it’s fine to embarrass and humiliate someone publicly. THEN, they wonder why young people mimic this behaviour and are shocked when they discover that this is NOT acceptable.


DON’T GET ME WRONG – I’m not a prude.  For fucks sake, I have a potty mouth; around my adult friends!  IN PRIVATE.  Not in front of young people and children.  I don’t revel in embarrassing and humiliating people (although I don’t deny that in the classroom occasionally I single people out – and I’m not saying that is right – I’m just saying that I admit I have done it).


It’s not just Gordon Ramsey though, it’s as though it’s an epidemic amongst presenters on UK television.  Simon Cowell (who seems like a pussy cat in the shadow of Mr Ramsey) is continuously portrayed as a pantomime villain, something adults can obviously see through, however a lot of young people can’t.  Consider also, Anne Robinson in The Weakest Link; the phrase actually being used by students in the classroom to humiliate young people who answer incorrectly. 


Ok, now I’m coming across as a REAL prude.  I know young people aren’t entirely stupid – and that television shouldn’t be censored just in case someone is affected by it in a negative way.  However, why the hell has Gordon Ramsey got a career?  The guy is completely VILE.  So VERY VILE.


Talking of vile, I can’t sleep as I’m typing this, so I’m flicking through the channels.  Mainly watching South Park but it’s on the break, so I flicked over to Jeremy Kyle.  This man is just horrible.  Where on earth did he get his god complex from?  Who gave him the ‘voice of reason’ job?  He’s just utterly obnoxious – and apparently they’re giving him the job of ‘tidying up’ the country’s streets.  Like ‘yobs’ (to use their type of word) will listen to him.  They think he’s a joke! As long as you say ‘yes’ to him and agree with everything he says so he gets his moment of glory in front of the cameras you could get away with doing anything.  The guy doesn’t care about society! If there weren’t any problems in society he wouldn’t have a bloody job!  So he loves the fact that society is falling apart around him, so he can get his metaphorical brush and dustpan and clean it up.


I find the majority of reality tv ‘talk shows’ oddly mesmerising.  Perhaps it’s reassuring for yourself realising that however bad your life is, nothing could be as bad as their lives.  I just don’t understand:

1) why people want to air their ‘dirty laundry’ in public

2) why people want to go and watch the airing of the dirty laundry

3) why intelligent people like me watch such bollocks


When M and I first got together, I’d never had cable/ satellite television.  He introduced me to the wonders of Jerry Springer (this was over 11 years ago!) – he even used to tape episodes for us to watch and laugh over.  For a while it didn’t occur to me that most of the guests were probably actors, however, a moment of ‘enlightenment’ revealed to me that honestly; are they for real?  If they are, I find it immensely depressing.  I flicked over yesterday and a couple of women were fighting over a man.  Everytime a bell was run, they fought.  WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THESE?  That they are controlled by the bell on a reality tv show?  How bloody depressing.


            Maury also seems to get the lion’s share of women who have NO idea who the father of their children is!  His obsession with paternity tests further compounds the message that women who sleep around are sluts; because if a child is conceived then obviously there are wider consequences.  I must admit to being fascinated by the woman who had had at least 20 men onto the show; usually around 3-5 at a time, to have a DNA test. And STILL she didn’t find out who was the father.  Honestly – can you really sleep with THAT many men in the short time period required to fall pregnant?  Which obviously makes the audience start thinking that perhaps, you are indeed, a prostitute!  Nooooooooooooo, the pariah of the good and just.  It’s just downright depressing.  It really is (again?).  But I continue to secretly turn over to watch. 


When I was off sick, (with depression – ironically) I watched Maury almost obsessively.   I think their desperate lives seemed to make mine seem quite normal and sane.  Then it started to depress me even more that I could not fathom why I WAS depressed – when these people were living such horrendous lives (in my white-middle-class-anti-depressant-fuelled-ivory-tower). 


            These types of shows rely on the working-classes and un-educated to survive.  It makes us middle-classes seem safe in our fucked up lives, believing that the way we carry out our lives is good and true and right.  As long as we’re drinking every night in All Bar One and shagging fellow office workers, and not downing 10 cans of lager and shagging our girlfriend’s mother, we’re ok.  As long as we’re snorting cocaine in night-club toilets and not sparking up a crack pipe – we’re alright – by the way – I am NOT saying that I shag work colleagues in All Bar One toilets on drink and drug-fuelled nights!


            The amount of times I’ve said to people that I’d like to hide away and live in a cave is becoming more like reality.  I am honestly beginning to not only find the world around me quite depressing and sad, but this is further compounded by how crap I am. 


            However, there are days when I ‘love the world’.  When I have faith in it and myself.  When I realise that things aren’t quite as bad as I thought, and that as long as I have my family, my friends and my health (debateable) then I’m ok.  Anything’s possible. 


            I’m determined that this recent illness (which people at work have been dropping like flies with) won’t send me into the depths of the big ‘D’ again.  That it will be a one-off.  Fingers crossed.





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