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Digital Scrapbooking Kits underway

Although I only occasionally scrapbook, I do do Digital Scrapbooks.  These are usually private pages but I still really enjoy doing them.  Recently they’ve started looking more and more like collages (especially Zetti-style collages) – so I thought I’d look into producing my own Digital Scrapbook Kits for people like me.

Currently I’m designing my first one and it’s taking FOREVER – honestly – so much work goes into these things.  And being the perfectionist that I am I’m sure they’ll take even longer for me.

However, while I’m doing that, I sketched out some Kokeshi dolls yesterday – then coloured them this morning using Photoshop.  I really do love Vectors but sometimes I like something a wee bit rougher (and I struggle with vectors sometimes).

So here they are for sale on Etsy 🙂  Offered as .png and .jpeg files.  This is the first set – more to come 🙂  I’m going to go back to the V&A later today to get some more ideas for colours and patterns.

Kokeshi Dolls on Etsy - Set 1

Kokeshi Dolls on Etsy - Set 1


finding frenzy …

I LOVE junk yards, flea markets and people who generally sell old crap that I want!

On Sunday M and I went to Greenwich Market.  We have been going there for YEARS – it’s one of my favourite places – however – like everywhere else in London that I love (The Stables in Camden, Astoria in Central London …) they’re knocking part of it down – probably to put up offices or flats.  So the flea market part has stalls upon stalls just trying to get rid of their stuff.  I saw a box of buttons and asked the guy how much – he said a ‘handful’ would cost £1 – the whole lot would cost £10.  So I bought the whole lot!

Love them on their original package

Love them on their original package

SO many buttons

SO many buttons

There were also loads of other bits there – so I have some hooks and eyes, snappers, ribbon, jewelry and other bits too. Such a stash!

Then we went round to another stall and I saw some great ephemera.  I started going through it and this guy came and started to talk to me (as per usual).  He seemed ok and we discussed collecting paper ephemera.  Then, I found a photo wallet with a ‘sambo’ drawing on the front.  I sneered and he started with the racist rants.  WHAT IS IT ABOUT PEOPLE THINKING THAT BECAUSE THEY’RE RACIST THAT I AM TOO? Sorry – it’s a real bugbear of mine now.  I get SO many people having seemingly innocent conversations with them and then, just as I’m chatting, they start with the racist bollocks.  Do I look like I have an NF sticker on my head?  Jeez.  It drives me crazy.  So I drive them crazy if they start talking about immigration – I tell them that I’m from two of the most derided cultures in the world who have emigrated all over the world – I’m part Jewish and part Romany Gypsy! Ha ha ha ha ha … they soon run away then! hee hee.

Anyway – I picked out some bits from the stall that I wanted – however the stall owner said he was only selling it as a whole lot as it was ‘too boring’ to sell them as bits and pieces.  He offered me the lot for £20.  I didn’t have £20 on me so I declined.  Then, as we were having noodles, I decided that I would indeed go back for them, as I could use them for so many things AND I’m sellng some of the topographical and other postcards on here (as I don’t collect postcards).  So here are a couple of scans of some of the ephemera I got (I’m going to add them as proper digital collage sheets at some point).

I LOVE the little boys expression on this!

I LOVE the little boy's expression on this!

If you click on the image you can see some more 🙂

A lot of the photos seemed to be from the same family – and you can see this young boy growing up into a young man.  So very sad that people throw things like that away.

There was also a letter in there which was intriguing.  It said how ‘sorry’ they were to hear about ‘Lillian’s decision’ … SO frustrating NOT knowing what Lillian’s decision was!

Finally – yesterday I went to Deptford Market (my favourite junk market) before my doctor’s appointment – and there were TWO boxes of paper ephemera to go through – however – I only had £4 on me as I’d forgotten to take my card out with me.  However, I found a lovely bundle that cost me only £3!  I will post photos later when I’ve scanned them in – however there was another letter in there from 1911.  It was from a guy trying to persuade his beau’s mother to allow him to marry ‘Cissy’ – the mother was apparently not happy about it because he had a thyroid problem and she didn’t want it to be passed down to their children!  So very sad.  I showed it to my doctor and she said how awful it was as that problem is SO treatable now.

So it’s been a great week of buying bits and pieces 🙂 LOVE  it 🙂


magic, illusion and mind-fuckery


When I was younger had a fascination with the world of Illusion and Magic. I was often glued to the television whenever David Copperfield performed his annual extravaganzas – and would have enjoyed Paul Daniels more if he wasn’t such a squashed head creep! However, as I grew older and more sceptical I lost my love of this world.

A few years ago, we went to Cyprus on holiday and I had many books to read. Unfortunately on the penultimate day I ran out of reading material so we popped to a shop near our hotel. There I picked up a book I’d never seen or heard of before – Carter Beats The Devil. In fact I’d never heard of the illusionist, Carter before. If you haven’t read the book – DO. It’s a fantastic romp, some factual, most fiction.

Book Cover for Carter Beats The Devil

Book Cover for Carter Beats The Devil

Anyway – my interest was further piqued when The Prestige came out. I loved this film – even after I knew the twist I loved it even more! There was something about that form of entertainment, in a time when people were desperate to understand and know about spiritualism and the supernatural, that just interests me so much. Not just that, the performers themselves were so interesting.

I’ve managed to get some jpegs of posters and photos of magicians and their shows – I’d love to have some originals though. I know a shop in Cecil Court, where I’ve bought some vintage photographs and postcards, that sells original posters. However at the moment they are VERY much out of my price range – one day 🙂

Yesterday they showed Derren Brown’s Evening of Wonders on Channel 4. Every time I watch that guy I’m searching for clues – however I can never spot them. I can never tell what he’s doing. We went to see him a couple of years ago and afterwards we didn’t shut up for hours trying to work it all out. I personally think the guy is an evil genius 🙂

I really want to see him live again – M always says that he’d HATE to be invited onto stage but I think it would be great to be invited up there and and to see whether he could read me or not.

On another note – new characters created on Illustrator CS3 by me and turned into cards:

holding on to your love
Holding on to your love

baby bird
My new logo based on some sketches I did. I’m really impressed with how close this came out to my original drawing – I didn’t scan it in and just experimented on Illustrator 🙂 – Yesterday was the first time I even tried my hand at Illustrator!

the long legged flying monster
The long legged flying monster – designed by me 🙂

Just to note – all backgrounds were from and are free for use commercially.


New Cards – I’m REALLY pleased with these

I’ve been SO sick this weekend – I’ve got another chest infection godamnit – but it does mean I can be even MORE creative.

So there’s a new range of cards on offer on etsy – they’ve already been featured in two treasuries 🙂  They’ve printed off SO well – I really must photograph them today and add to my listings.  The colours and vibrancy are awesome – I LOVE my printer now I have it working properly.

Anyway – here are the new range of ‘Innocent Invaders’ cards – SO grateful to for the brushes.  I’m currently designing my own vector monsters so my cards can be UBER-original 🙂  :

I want a hug I think you're very special I only have eyes for you

hello hello

erm ...

You can purchase the cards (and other wonders!) here.


New Valentines ACEOs and attempts at collage!

I have some sort of infection – not sure if it’s in my chest – feels more bronchial than chest.  Not happy, not happy at all.  More time off work, more pressure, more stress.

I’ve been busy updating the free resources section of this site – which seems fairly popular with follks. Let me know what you’d like to see or if there’s anything I can do to improve the pages.

Sales are steady – I’m not covering my expenses yet but there’s time I guess. I just need to promote myself more – so I now have a Flickr for my Etsy:

I’ll keep that separate from my photography Flickr which is here:

Here are my new Valentines Day Cards (click on image below to take you to my shop on etsy):

the queen of hearts

Then I attempted some collages – I’m kind of pleased but I think I should perhaps leave the text white so you can actually see the words. They’re a bit covered up!:

We're just dolls

"my name is Kaledrina"


WM3 sale, banners, new pages and where’s my frickin’ sewing machine?

Well – on Polstar Photography I’m finally getting round to my Fundraising for the WM3 (West Memphis Three) – so far I’ve sold a few raising a grand total of $20 – however – I know everyone’s skint after Christmas so it’s going to be an ongoing thing.

I must email Emily White at Margaret Cho’s agency back – she contacted me to see if she could help. I thought it was Keri who dealt with Ms Cho but no. So I’m going to email her later. I have a couple of images I’d like to use, however one of them could NOT be used on Etsy (one of Ms Cho with a prosthetic penis on).

I’ve started making banner sets using all the free, and in the public domain, brushes and fonts I’ve found. Here’s a couple of my favourite examples:

In the Octopus's Garden - Banner and Avatar set

This one isn’t on Etsy yet – but thought I’d see what you think 😉

In The Baby Lizard's Garden Banner and avatar set

Click on image to take you to Etsy.

Let me know what you think!

I’ve added a few more pages to this blog offering links to Public Domain resources.  I realised this morning that many of the fonts I have are not free for commercial use so I’ve spent a lot of time searching for things that are – I’ll put any resources onto these pages that I find.  Hopefully you’ll all find it a great resource 🙂

Finally – where’s my sodding sewing machine?  Actually I do know … according to Parcelforce it’s being sorted in the ‘National Hub’ – M had a lot of trouble before Christmas getting my present through Parcelforce so I hope they don’t screw me around.  Another day staying in tomorrow then I guess!


Ooookies are coming …

… duck, dive, hide because the ooookies are coming.

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