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the weekend starts here …

… because Friday night I got SO hammered that yesterday was spent laying on the sofa nursing a sore head.  i met up with a couple of friends, proceeded to drink WAY too much JD and coke, then we wanted to carry on drinking after 11pm, so we went to … eek … The Cactus Pit.  omg, that is SUCH a hole.  So much so that when you try to dance on the dancefloor it gets WAY too slippery, and you fall over and smash your knees (guess who did that?).  got chatted up by a 26 year old, who wanted my phone number … NO! still it’s always good for the ego, i guess.

my friend said some lovely things to me on friday night (along with some not so lovely – but that’s because she cares!) … she also told me that her brother would still (to quote) ‘f*** me’.  ha ha … bless.  i fancy the pants off him, always have done ever since i photographed him a couple of years ago.  however, i AM a married woman and i do love my husband.  harmless flirting is good – although that doesn’t happen much now as m comes to some of the gigs.  i also know that this guy tends to f*** anything that moves so really, it isn’t THAT much of a compliment is it? ha ha

b emailed me this about writing this blog:

“I guess if it helps you get your feelings and there and feel better by processing it all, then its a good thing, so soak it up!  Make time for as much posative activity as you can.  MAKE the time, don’t get swept up in the crap too much.  Keep an active handle on it and remember that you have control!”

i’ve found that by writing this, i’m more inclined to find the good in my life rather than wallow in the bad.  things ended at work on friday on a positive note.  i had a meeting with the head and she told me that they want me to work on the school’s magazine to parents, redesigning and editing it.  she’s also interested in getting me to redesign the website – if it’s cheaper to pay me and train me rather than pay a company.  i would love to do that.  that means i’d only be teaching 3 days a week and not have to do cover for a day (which can be exhausting).

i met my year 7 class (who i’ll have for 4 weeks until they sort out the groupings).  they were actually really sweet (apart from two of them, who were as annoying as hell) – and yet again, i had the ‘black and white’ question.

“when the world was in black and white did they used to …”

“sorry? ‘when the world was in black and white?’ ”

“yeah, when everything was black and white”

“that was only on tv, the world didn’t miraculously turn into colour”

“oh …”

a boy in my tutor group (who are YEAR 11!?!?!?!) asked me about the world when it was in black and white last year.

astounds me.  but is also quite sweet, in a way!

I’ve now got to go and remark some SATS papers to see if we can raise our results (joy):


– getting confidence boosts on Friday night

– 😉

– being given ‘non-teaching’ tasks

– hearing from B

– actually managing to go out all night, get drunk but NOT forgetting my umbrella (ella ella ella eh eh eh)

– getting lifts into work two days running and therefore avoiding the rain 🙂


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