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zen and the art of breaking everything in this room …

… is kind of how i feel in a strange way.  i’m sitting in my classroom, ruminating about how i’m actually going to tidy all this shit up.  and it acts as a metaphor for my life.  how am i actually going to tidy all my shit up?  part of me just wants to break it all apart and start again from scratch but i’m such a horder that i hold onto things that offer me nothing in return.

however … another quote from the viggie:

” It’s good to vent, but not healthy to dwell in self-absorbedness and schloffing.”

which is what i has been doin’ (yes, i meant to screw up my grammar there!).

quote from my dad:

“pull yourself together”

quote from my mum:

“well i suffered from depression and i didn’t have to take pills for it”

quote from my sister:

“what’s wrong with you now?”

hmmm, don’t even start me on what others have said.

Looking forward to two deliveries of World/Inferno goodliness – firstly – this t-shirt:

I'm not suggesting that I'm an anarchist or pretty!


which i LOVE.  i wanted to get some of their shirts when i saw them in brighton and london, in fact, lucky even said they’d sort me out with some merchandise (as i’d done a photo shoot etc.) … however, i’m not one to hassle for stuff and also, they don’t have a lot of $ so i wanted to get my own.  i didn’t have much money when i saw them live, so i’ve had to wait to buy my tee.  can’t wait until it arrives 🙂 



secondly … posters advertising their new tour … cos … they’re using a photo of mine 🙂  i was never very happy with the photoshoot as it was a bit last minute and i’d walked them miles and sandra’s heel broke.  it was all a bit fraught, also the whole band wasn’t there.  however, a photo is being used, and that makes me smile 🙂

Good things that happened yesterday:

– slept well

– ate cherry pie and vege roast dinner

small things make me happy!

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