By Polly

Now, this isn’t something I’d thought of. I’m used to getting my images and shapes using brushes and fonts (dingbats etc.). However – there are FREE custom shapes out there that you can download.

These are ALL free – however – you need to check the terms and conditions on each one. I will do so over time but for now you can look for yourself. I promise I WILL list which ones are PD as soon as I’ve gone through them!

Free Custom Shapes – according to his website Stanislav allows commercial use of his shapes – just credit him somehow. Make sure you check though – as not all of the silhouettes are by him – although most are. – just a few custom shapes by a someone on DA – loving the skater ones! Says you can use them whatever just don’t sell them.

thesuper – some great shapes here – doesn’t even require credit (although we all know that that’s nice to do!) Includes trees, sea creatures, insects and some great graphics. – awesome vector shapes all licensed under CC3.0

hebedesigns – another awesome dA designer who KNOWS what we likes 🙂 Great custom shapes, can be used for anything, includes: Skaters, Michael Jackson, Revolution and The Pope 🙂

Designuz – gorgeous swirly floral shapes that can be put together and create your own brushes from etc.  Supremely beautiful.

Backflip540 – Awesome sunburst shapes – he should do more 🙂

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