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My friend bought a Lomo Fish-eye camera a while back from The Photographers Gallery.  After one film was printed she said she wanted to get rid of it – so I jumped at the chance.  Yesterday, in exchange for one crisp £10 note I purchased her camera and 3 films.  So I am now a proud owner of a Lomo Fisheye camera – I’ve already run off 3 films with it.

VERY bad photo taken with my BlackBerry (crap camera on that phone)

VERY bad photo taken with my BlackBerry (crap camera on that phone)

One on the way home from my friend’s, one at Lewisham Peoples’ Day (I was commissioned to photograph the Rocklands stage – which I did with my digital camera – however I did grab a few lomo shots backstage and on stage) and the other in and around our house!  A few of the cats, our toys and figures (Marvin the Martian, Scooby, Brain, Jack Skeleton etc.).

So now I need to get another 2 films finished up and I’m going to send them to Truprint.  Why am I sending it to SUCH a bad printers? Because they won’t play around with them – I’m doing this cheap, cheap, cheap – because that’s the lomo ethos.  However as I am unwaged I’m only going to get them done on disc – 2-5 films for £2.99 – BILLY BARGAIN 🙂 – I have been looking at other processors who are sympathetic to Lomo – however I just can’t afford it at the moment 😦  Godamnit I need a job.

While I’m finishing those off and waiting for my films to return I will spend my time drooling over other peoples’ Lomo Fisheye shots (I can’t post ALL my faves as some I can’t link to – but there are some amazing ones out there – I’ll link at the bottom to some of my favourite albums):




Fisheye fair ride

Those are probably going to look REALLY messy on the page!  Just a selection of what can be done with this extraordinary camera.  I’m looking forward to/ dreading my results.  Hopefully there will be some doozies in there – fingers crossed.

As promised here are some links:

Lomo Fisheye group on Flickr

Lomo UK group on Flickr

Spectrum Imaging – a lab that specialises in Lomography.  I might go to them when I’m working again!

Lomography Fisheye – the official site


I’ve been feeling frustrated with my photography lately. Part of me wants to explore all possibilities with it – photographing people, places, landscapes … forgetting that the one type of photography I’m really good at is cemetery photography.

What is it about skulking around cemeteries that intrigues me so much? The rush of excitement I get when I find an interesting memorial, or try a new angle. I find the whole experience so solitary – so peaceful – knowing that I’m capturing something special.

I understand that some people find what I do: unusual. However, they would perhaps be surprised to find out that there are MANY of us around. Cemetery photographers – taphophiles – whatever you want to call us.

I find it strange when people feel offended by what I do. In some ways I understand their concerns that I may be disrespectful – after all – if they haven’t seen my work then they may just think that I take snap shots or something. I just hope that people understand that I put love and respect into my images. I take them to record these beautiful works of art. Afterall, many chose their own sculptures and memorials whilst alive, in order to be remembered in death. I just hope that my understanding and appreciation for these memorials comes through in my photography.


Kensal Green Cemetery Open Day …

… went swimmingly.

I had some lovely feedback from people who I’ve ‘met’ virtually on the internet; from people who just wandered past my stall and from … erm … everyone really. A couple of people who were sniffy that I use digital and not film. Hodi hum … different courses for different horses [apparently I said that wrong too! lol].

It was such a hot day and I got very sunburnt … which was a pain in the ass. But I can deal with red shoulders 😉

Things have been REALLY looking up. I had my first request to license an image of mine. See the one above – the one on my logo 😉 I’m just waiting for the paper work now. Fingers crossed.
Also Circus Krin have contacted me requesting to use a few images. HURRAH.

This weekend – photographing the Rocklands stage at the Lewisham Peoples’ Day … HURRAH! (again!)

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