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Digital Scrapbooking Kits underway

Although I only occasionally scrapbook, I do do Digital Scrapbooks.  These are usually private pages but I still really enjoy doing them.  Recently they’ve started looking more and more like collages (especially Zetti-style collages) – so I thought I’d look into producing my own Digital Scrapbook Kits for people like me.

Currently I’m designing my first one and it’s taking FOREVER – honestly – so much work goes into these things.  And being the perfectionist that I am I’m sure they’ll take even longer for me.

However, while I’m doing that, I sketched out some Kokeshi dolls yesterday – then coloured them this morning using Photoshop.  I really do love Vectors but sometimes I like something a wee bit rougher (and I struggle with vectors sometimes).

So here they are for sale on Etsy 🙂  Offered as .png and .jpeg files.  This is the first set – more to come 🙂  I’m going to go back to the V&A later today to get some more ideas for colours and patterns.

Kokeshi Dolls on Etsy - Set 1

Kokeshi Dolls on Etsy - Set 1


grayson perry, christopher biggins, belly ache and procrastination

M and I went to the V&A on Tuesday – I haven’t even looked at my photos yet but I’m sure he’s uploaded his – wait a sec … no he hasn’t … poo.

Anyway – it’s one of my favourite museums in the city – so we popped along hoping to catch the Baroque exhibition.  However you have to pay for that and as I’m SKINT at the moment we didn’t go in 😦  So instead we wandered around photographing weird stuff – as is my want!

As we were going to get our coats I saw a man in a girly dress … I turned around to catch him better and this girl next to me said ‘isn’t that … erm …’ and his name came to me – Grayson Perry.  I would love to have spoken to him but I don’t like to ‘hassle’ famous people.  What a wonderful sight though, Grayson Perry in full drag – YUMMY!

BBC image - Grayson Perry at Turner Prize

BBC image - Grayson Perry at Turner Prize

I just think his work is fantastic – and I will always have a place in my heart for someone who will dress like this in public 🙂

We then walked to Charing Cross – stopping at Shepherd’s Market for lunch (which I think caused me horrendous belly problems later on).  On the way we also went to Fortnum and Mason.  I’ve never been in there before and was in awe of it’s turquoisy goodness 🙂  Such beauty, such prices! ha ha.


Just look at that packaging – beautiful.  I am a SUCKER for packaging.

Unfortunately we also heard the barotone bawling of Christopher Biggins – so we made a hasty exit.


creativity abounds

A contrast to the last post.  Once my computer was fixed and my scanner up and running again I’ve gone into overload.  Some collages I’ve created I love:

Some I’m not entirely sure about:

However I know that the most important thing is that I’m staying creative.  I think I’m finding my ‘style’ and I just need to STOP RUSHING and concentrate on making it the best it could be.  Unfortunately I don’t take much care in the things I do and rush things.  I should be more attentive.

As you can see from the collage below – I was feeling very ‘springly’ this morning. It didn’t last long as the clouds formed overhead – however while the paint and ink were drying on other works I did this one. I need more colours for my pens – however I liked it I think. It’s just a journal page but I think it’s cute.

Other than that, now that Spring has sprung, photoshoots are coming in.  I have a whole day booked with the beautiful Tree.  Here are some samples of our last shoot together:

We had SO much fun.  This time we’re going to be photographing fire swords and god knows what else in her studio and then at her friend’s house who has a swimming pool.

Then I’m also arranging a shoot with this sublime beauty:

You can’t really see her on here but this is Samantha Hasthorpe – an amazing dancer with Bellydance Superstars.

So I’ve got some fun coming up.

Right … back to more collage making. I’m going to be putting ‘blog’ exclusive digital collage sheets on here soon so keep an eye out!

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