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Now We Know What That Smile Means

I need to chill out so I was on emusic yesterday, downloading meditation and hypnosis cds – I’m not sure if any of them will work but I’ll give them a go.  My problem is that I seem to think by simply downloading the CD, or buying the DVD or buying the book is enough.  I find it difficult sometimes to actually follow the advice.  I have piles of things that I

buy in order to become more creative, or how to be more calm, or fitter, or lovelier.  I just am in a constant drive to improve myself and I never manage it because I never get past looking. I feel that I constantly observe and hardly ever DO.  I’m always comparing myself to people – wanting to be better – wanting to be better than I am.

Ack, this wasn’t going to be a ‘whinge’ blog – and now it is.


Ok, here’s an ATC I did for the MAMMA weekly challenge – based on Mona Lisa:

Now We Know What That Smile Means

I was quite pleased with it – I’d rather do ‘real’ collages rather than digital ones – however – I don’t have much room to get messy in at the moment!


vintage frenzy – again

I have SO much scanning in to do at the moment – in the past couple of weeks I’ve bought a beautiful compendium of children’s stories (illustrations by Arthur Rackham), a copy of Gulliver’s Travels from the late 1800s, a load of really creepy knitting patterns and … erm … I’m sure there was something else.

In the meantime I’ve been starting up some challenge groups on Flickr.

The first is Fidget’s Freaky Friday Digital Collage Challenges:

Using this collage sheet by me:

Fidgets Freaky Friday Challenge

There’s also a Fidget’s Funky Collage Sheet Challenge – where we all create collage sheets based on a theme – this week’s is Beauty – and my collage sheet is here:

Fidgets Funky Collage Sheet

Fidget's Funky Collage Sheet

You can use them as you like 🙂

If you’re on Flickr – come and join in the fun 🙂  I really enjoy creating digital collage sheets – just knowing that people may use elements from them for their own art – that just makes me very happy.

These two were made for the group by some very AWESOME artists – I’m totally blown away by what they’ve created:

Ozstuffs Digital Collage

Ozstuff's Digital Collage

I just LOVE this – she creates such gorgeous Zetti collages – this just blows me away.

Family Tree by Taluula2two

Family Tree by Taluula2two

I love how she’s also included some images that I uploaded before from a book called Cobb’s Anatomy.  They all go so well together.

This is my sorry attempt:

“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others”

“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others”

The idea was there – just the execution wasn’t 😦

Anyhoo – off to make some more collage sheets …


sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of young people

Earlier this week I did a couple of coursework clinics at school – just to get some extra money should I fail to find employment in March!  On the second day the kids just seemed to get on with their work and hardly asked for any help or advice.  So I got on with marking while they got on with their work … and unfortunately I overheard the following conversation (obviously not the exact words – but pretty close):

Boy: I can’t believe what Chris Brown did to Rihanna

Girl 1: She deserves it – I hate her

Girl 2: what do you mean she deserved it?

Girl 1: well she shouldn’t have cheated on him

Girl 2: is that what happened?

Girl 1: yeah

ME: so are you saying that a woman deserves to be assaulted if she cheats on someone?

Girl 1: yeah

ME: thanks for pushing female rights back about 100 years

Girl 1: well she’s not a real woman anyway

ME: (still incredulous at this point) what do you mean?

Girl 1: well she’s not really a woman – she’s famous


Girl 1: famous people aren’t real

ME: WHAT???????????????????????????????????????????

and after that I just actually didn’t want to talk to her because I couldn’t get any sense out of her.

It’s worrying that young people are feeling that way about famous people – are there others who really believe that celebrities aren’t real?????  This girl isn’t low ability or anything like that – she’s actually fairly intelligent.  I was REALLY disturbed by the whole thing.


When I am Old I shall Start Wearing Purple


Originally uploaded by fidgetrainbowtree

MAMMA’s Challenge this week was to create an ATC (or more than one) based on ‘hats’. I found this awesome image and just LOVED the woman’s expression. It was originally a bw image so I created a ‘so-so’ atc from it. Then I put the poem, Warning by Jenny Joseph underneath it. I couldn’t just leave it at that though – I had to colour her in – so for the first time I coloured a bw image using Photoshop and created this Digital ATC. I love it! She just makes me laugh – she looks so happy in her crazy hat and clashing dress.
I want to make more with this crazy woman 🙂


finding frenzy …

I LOVE junk yards, flea markets and people who generally sell old crap that I want!

On Sunday M and I went to Greenwich Market.  We have been going there for YEARS – it’s one of my favourite places – however – like everywhere else in London that I love (The Stables in Camden, Astoria in Central London …) they’re knocking part of it down – probably to put up offices or flats.  So the flea market part has stalls upon stalls just trying to get rid of their stuff.  I saw a box of buttons and asked the guy how much – he said a ‘handful’ would cost £1 – the whole lot would cost £10.  So I bought the whole lot!

Love them on their original package

Love them on their original package

SO many buttons

SO many buttons

There were also loads of other bits there – so I have some hooks and eyes, snappers, ribbon, jewelry and other bits too. Such a stash!

Then we went round to another stall and I saw some great ephemera.  I started going through it and this guy came and started to talk to me (as per usual).  He seemed ok and we discussed collecting paper ephemera.  Then, I found a photo wallet with a ‘sambo’ drawing on the front.  I sneered and he started with the racist rants.  WHAT IS IT ABOUT PEOPLE THINKING THAT BECAUSE THEY’RE RACIST THAT I AM TOO? Sorry – it’s a real bugbear of mine now.  I get SO many people having seemingly innocent conversations with them and then, just as I’m chatting, they start with the racist bollocks.  Do I look like I have an NF sticker on my head?  Jeez.  It drives me crazy.  So I drive them crazy if they start talking about immigration – I tell them that I’m from two of the most derided cultures in the world who have emigrated all over the world – I’m part Jewish and part Romany Gypsy! Ha ha ha ha ha … they soon run away then! hee hee.

Anyway – I picked out some bits from the stall that I wanted – however the stall owner said he was only selling it as a whole lot as it was ‘too boring’ to sell them as bits and pieces.  He offered me the lot for £20.  I didn’t have £20 on me so I declined.  Then, as we were having noodles, I decided that I would indeed go back for them, as I could use them for so many things AND I’m sellng some of the topographical and other postcards on here (as I don’t collect postcards).  So here are a couple of scans of some of the ephemera I got (I’m going to add them as proper digital collage sheets at some point).

I LOVE the little boys expression on this!

I LOVE the little boy's expression on this!

If you click on the image you can see some more 🙂

A lot of the photos seemed to be from the same family – and you can see this young boy growing up into a young man.  So very sad that people throw things like that away.

There was also a letter in there which was intriguing.  It said how ‘sorry’ they were to hear about ‘Lillian’s decision’ … SO frustrating NOT knowing what Lillian’s decision was!

Finally – yesterday I went to Deptford Market (my favourite junk market) before my doctor’s appointment – and there were TWO boxes of paper ephemera to go through – however – I only had £4 on me as I’d forgotten to take my card out with me.  However, I found a lovely bundle that cost me only £3!  I will post photos later when I’ve scanned them in – however there was another letter in there from 1911.  It was from a guy trying to persuade his beau’s mother to allow him to marry ‘Cissy’ – the mother was apparently not happy about it because he had a thyroid problem and she didn’t want it to be passed down to their children!  So very sad.  I showed it to my doctor and she said how awful it was as that problem is SO treatable now.

So it’s been a great week of buying bits and pieces 🙂 LOVE  it 🙂


Weaving Memories, Resignation, Job hunting and ATC creating

So it’s been a while. I’m not sure if I’ve really been in a ‘place’ to blog over the past week – my brain has been preparing for handing in my notice! Which is now done. I leave teaching on February 27th – a huge decision – but the right one.

I’m now looking for jobs – obviously. I’ve found loads I’m interested in but it’s just getting my arse in gear and applying. I’m also looking at Fellowships – you never know! It’s all very exciting and I’m just hoping that it all works out – eventually.

Yesterday Mart and I went to the V&A museum of Childhood – I LOVE that place. I’m sure it’s more fun for adults than children as you are constantly exclaiming ‘I had that …’ and ‘oh my god, I REMEMBER that’ or ‘I always wanted that!’. I took loads of photos but I have to download them as yet – and I also have about 500 photos from Wednesday night (Amanda Palmer) and about 300 shots from Thursday night (Officer Kicks) to edit. I’ll sort out a couple later though and post them here – probably of scary dolls as most of the dolls were indeed, immensely scary!

I also signed up for the last place on this course – called Weaving Memories.  Could be interesting 🙂

Before we went to the museum we went to a vegetarian and vegan cafe called The Gallery. I had THE most YUMMY Tofu burger with the most stunning mushy peas on the side possible! I was in munching heaven! I totally recommend it. They also were exhibiting work by Lighthouse Art. I really liked a lot of it – reminds me of Zettiology 🙂

Talking of Zettiology – I did my first Zettis for MAMMA this week:

I was fairly pleased with them – although I need to get a better white pen!

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