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new toys to play with … (more FREEEEEE public domain goodies)

some days you find a site and you just can’t leave it.  how ever hard you try.

I am in LOVE with this site:

Especially the book section which has thousands of books that are no longer in copyright, that have been beautifully digitized and you can look at to your hearts’ content.  At the moment I am loving the fashion, stamps and childrens’ (of course) books – I’m trying to download and copy to jpeg the pdf files for my free resources section.  I can’t believe I PAID someone nearly £10 for a disc of images I could have got (and more) here for FREE! Ah well.

Here’s a link to my bookmarked books for now:

I wish I could organise them but I can’t.

Here’s a couple of the gorgeous images I’ve found so far:

This book is gorgeous - Ive sorted out the image files if anyone wants them

This book is gorgeous - I've sorted out the image files if anyone wants them

From a book entitled Curious Creatures - Ive also put these into jpegs if anyone wants them

From a book entitled Curious Creatures - I've also put these into jpegs if anyone wants them


I was also introduced to yesterday.  I noticed that they’d become a ‘top referrer’ of mine and I was wondering who they were.  It’s a really interesting site that generates blogs in real time.  You have to be really fast though or you might miss a blog.  I’ve found some really interesting ones – however – it’s genetrated traffic to my blog but it doesn’t look as though anyone is stopping to have much of a look!

Well, if you have come via – stop – say ‘hi’ if you want … that would be nice 😉


Pub toilets…

are a constant source of amusement to me.  I think it’s sad when they’re lacking in graffiti and are completely sanitised.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them to be clean (e.g. sans dirtyness) but I do like a bit of  ‘on toilet reading’ to do while I’m in there – especially as I have a real problem with weeing in public places.

Occasionally, usually when I’m drunk, I get my mobile out and take photos of the walls in pub toilets – especially if something catches my eye.

I’ve also been guilty of adding to the scribbles (in places where scribbles are already apparent – but I guess you got that as I said I ‘added’ to the scribbles) and photographing my results … guess which ones are mine!



the internet is very very good …

… for porn … well … my type of porn.

It has to be said that I love the internet.  I can find amazingly rare books, and slather over their beauty on line – when people in poncy book shops won’t even allow me to touch them.  I can even download them and add their rare pages to my art work.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the internet doesn’t rock.

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