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Amanda Palmer – Bush Hall 3rd August 2007

“and I’m not gonna live my life on one side of an ampersand
and even if I went with you I’m not the girl you think I am
and I’m not gonna match you
cause I’ll lose my voice completely
I’m just gonna watch you
Cause I’m not the one that’s crazy” ~ Ampersand

Sometimes you come across a person, an artist, that thrills you more than any other. It’s not just their art, it’s the world they create around themselves, the people they draw near to their flame. You feel privilaged, as part of their audience, to witness these moments.

Last night was Amanda Palmer’s “secret” gig at Bush Hall. A tiny venue, squeezing in as many devoted fans as it could, was witness to a remarkable performance.

I first had the privilage of seeing Amanda play with The Dresden Dolls last November. I’d heard of them, I had their albums, they sparked a thrill in me, but I felt I was out of their sphere. None of my friends would want to see them, and I felt that I would stand out like a sore thumb at their gigs. So I never saw them at Madame Jo Jo’s when my friend from Minneapolis gave me a heads up. How I kick myself now.

However, I got an email from Pixie, a dear friend, saying she was coming to the UK with them and could she sleep on our sofa. OF COURSE I shouted through the virtual world we communicate through.

The two nights I went to the Roundhouse to see The Dresden Dolls were literally to change my life. I’d never shot live music before (except for my mate’s band at the sixth form disco) and my images came out quite well. So I thought I’d give it another go, and another and now, I hardly ever go to a gig without my camera. I’d be doing it every day of the week if I had the energy!

One thing I love about The Dresden Dolls ethos is that they positively encourage cameras and recording equipment! As long as you share – it is encouraged. So I wasn’t the only person with a camera firmly attached to my face last night. My images aren’t great [damn that red light and my crappy lens] – but they’re a reminder of a very special night.

Amanda swept past us at least 3 times before she came on stage – each time girls grabbed each other with joy; I’ve heard so many girls say that they would turn for Amanda! We were treated to Christian Silva as support – can’t wait to see them again. Don’t ask me to review them, I can’t review things, I just say whether I do or don’t like something!

Then we were treated to a couple of songs by Rohan K from Rohan Theatre Band – you could tell that some of the audience were perplexed – I loved him.

Amanda then appeared in the balcony above us, resplendent in an orange tutu, strumming a ukulele [sp?]. [more to come ….]


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